Site Operation & Rules

ACCEPTANCE OF THESE RULES. Payment of an appropriate storage fee is taken as a confirmation that you have read, understood, and accepted all the rules of this site. If within 7 days you do not agree to these terms, request a refund, and remove your property from the storage site.

LIABILITY DISCLAIMER. Caravans, boats, or other items that are stored at Lucky-Lite Caravan Storage Park are here entirely at the risk of their owners. It is your responsibility to insure your property and it's contents. While reasonable attempts are made to keep the site secure, we recommend that you take whatever steps as may seem appropriate to safeguard your property, including wheel clamps, towing hitchlock, wheel and jockeywheel removal , specialist alarms etc.

TERMINATION OF CONTRACT. We reserve the right to require that any stored or parked item be removed from the site, without reason being given, but allowing the appropriate refund.

THE ROLE OF THE SITE WARDEN. Customers are expected to comply with the reasonable requests of the site warden, whose decision on these site rules is final.

SAFETY. The site is very busy, and it is NOT A PLAYGROUND. Keep your children where you can see them, do not let them wander off.

For both your safety, and that of others, DRIVE SLOWLY on the site roads, 5 m.p.h. PLEASE and follow the 'ONE WAY' signs as appropriate. Do not obstruct the roadways - leave your car in the carpark if you are remaining on the site for any length of time.

NO DOGS ARE ALLOWED, even on a lead. Keep them in your car with windows open.

DO NOT LEAVE LITTER ON THE SITE. Please do not put any rubbish in the bins which belong to the industrial units, please take it home & recycle it.

TRESPASSING DRONES lingering & over-flying the site will be shot down and handed to the police.

After use, WASH DOWN the chemical toilet emptying point.

Always leave your VEHICLE REGISTRATION NUMBER and SITE REFERENCE DISC on your caravan. If, during the year, you change your car, address or telephone number then please let us know by accessing our secure online system here so that we know your up to date details and we can contact you if that should be necessary.

SALE OF CARAVAN, and TRANSFER OF SITE. There is no automatic transfer of the site space if you should decide to sell your caravan, but a priority would be given to the new owner.

SLEEPING Please note that NO overnight sleeping is allowed under any circumstances.

BRONZE PITCH MAINTENANCE. The grass is regularly cut, weather permitting. It is clearly impractical to move all of the caravans to cut the grass underneath them, but if you wish to have the grass cut, if you let the office know, and move your caravan, we will be happy to cut it for you.

Use only proper plates under the jacking legs, or SMALL pieces of wood, not exceeding 10" x 6", and TAKE THEM AWAY with you whenever you leave the site. This avoids any damage to the grass cutting equipment. ANY BRICKS, CONCRETE BLOCKS, or LARGE PIECES OF WOOD WILL BE REMOVED.

During the winter months, or whenever the ground is likely to be soft, please DO NOT DRIVE YOUR CAR OFF THE ROADWAYS, and avoid causing un-necessary damage to the grass. The minimum charge for damage to a pitch is £50.00p.

SLABS Customers who wish to place slabs on their pitch are welcome to do so. Please contact the office prior to starting any work so that the position of the slabs can be agreed, and our approved method can be used.

DAMAGE TO OTHER CUSTOMER PITCHES Do not attempt to 'drive through', park your car in, or reverse car or caravan over, other customers' pitches. We take a serious view of un-necessary damage caused by such actions, and may cancel the storage contract and require your caravan be removed from the site. The minimum charge for damage to a pitch is £50.00.

ALLOCATION OF PITCH. Currently some of the larger spaces on the site have smaller caravans in them, and to assist with the efficient management of the site, we reserve the right, after notification to the parties concerned, to move the caravan to a more appropriate allocation.

SITE OPENING REGIME. The storage area barriers are locked at the posted times, and are activated at 0700. PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU RETURN TO THE SITE BEFORE IT IS CLOSED as it will no longer be possible to gain entry to the storage areas outside those hours. However, the 4 designated pitches & the carpark by the main entrance barrier are available for short term overnight emergency parking. Your 'keyfob' will give access through ONLY the main entrance barrier at all times.
As it appears that our seasons are becoming wetter, the site will be closed if the ground cannot stand 'normal' customer only use. During this time, the site will be manned during daylight opening hours seven days a week - but starting at 0800 rather than 0700 when in automatic mode. We shall continue to assist customers using the boards to avoid damage to the pitches.
During normal opening conditions customers are asked to use the boards and blocks if the ground is soft, and avoid causing damage to their pitch.
The overnight pitches will still be available at all times for early or late arrivals and departures.


ABANDONED CARAVANS, MOTORHOMES or BOATS If your item remains on the site after the 1st. of any quarter, and the payment is not received by the 1st. of the subsequent quarter, [i.e. 13 weeks later], then we may consider it ABANDONED, will remove it from the site, and may eventually dispose of it to clear the debt.

ACCESS ROAD LAY-BY.  The lay-by on the site access road is important to allow customers to pass one another.  Do not park or leave your car, caravan, motorhome or boat in this lay-by at any time, as this cn cause un-necessary traffic problems for other customers.  You may be liable to be clamped or removed.

We try to run the site with an absolute minimum of office time - this allows maximum time for the duty wardens to be on the site to assist our customers. A number of recent studies have shown that productivity in offices has not improved despite all the technology now involved. It appears, in part at least, that this is the advent of emails, so much easier than writing a letter, and which give the impression of having a need to be replied to with speed, even when in reality no reply is necessary. In future, customers will receive an automated response to any email, so that you can be sure that it has been received in the office system. However, no further reply will be sent, unless the email needs a response and some alternative action. If you wish only to inform us of changes in any of your details, then please go to the website home page, select customer login and enter your email address & password, and update them - click "Save" to complete the operation & this will tell us that changes have been made.

The same will apply to BACS transfer acknowledgements. We have a system which takes the information directly from our Santander Business Bank account, and enters the payment into our accounts package. As long as you put your correct reference information on the payment; FIRST 4 LETTERS OF YOUR SURNAME FOLLOWED BY THE PLOT NUMBER WITH NO SPACES, so a 7, or in the case of the 'A' plots, an 8 digit alphanumeric then you can be certain that we will receive the payment. Examples: SMIT123 or BROWA321.

It is always much safer and more reliable than posting any cheque.

Customers who persist in not applying the correct reference will from April 2019 have a charge of £15.00 to cover our time in trying to locate the payee. We waste a lot of time trying to find the customer who uses 'caravan storage' as a reference, and now that time will be charged. Taken together, these changes will help to keep our storage fees fixed for 2 years to March 2022.

There still seems to be confusion over the use or abuse of our keyfob access system.

The keyfob is unique to you, your plot, and your access barrier only.

DO NOT:- Use the keyfob on any barrier but your own - it will not work.
DO NOT:- Use the keyfob unless you are driving through the barrier.
DO NOT:- Use the keyfob and then walk through - for pedestrian access just walk round the barrier without using the keyfob.
DO NOT:- Use the keyfob to let ANYONE else into or out of the site.
DO NOT:- Use the keyfob repeatedly - if it doesn't work the first time, it will not work after 40 times, and the computer will eventually give up after too many tries. The site NEVER opens before 07.00 [except for Platinum customers]. The keyfob is not necessary to operate the main access barrier during working hours on Monday to Friday, or Saturday up to noon. It is necessary only for out of hours use, or for the main security gate when that is closed.
Vandalism We have recently suffered mindless vandalism in the lavatories - if you see something wrong, please tell us at the time, so that we can deal with it.



The moving fee is now £25.00.

Silver & all Bronze level services are closed for the winter with a £20.00 vehicle access fee.

Repairs to any rut damage to the pitch will be charged a minimum of £50.00p.

Do not stop under any barrier arms - although it should not close, some modern caravans do not have enough steel in their construction to operate the barrier arm opening loop.     Responsibility for any damage caused by the barrier arm closing is not accepted by Luckylite Caravan Storage or any of it's employees.

If you give notice that you intend to leave the site, keyfob and any part annual storage refunds are paid by Bank transfer only and at the end of a quarter - your bank details are necessary. No refund will be due for any part of a month or quarter. Simply leave at the end of the period that you have paid for, and return the keyfob by that date. If you have paid the annual rate, customers will be charged for the appropriate number of quarters that they are on the site plus an administration fee of £15.00p. The balance will be refunded whether or not we re-fill the space.  This policy means that customers are certain of the refund due when they leave.

Alarms must cease sounding after 10 minutes.

We think that we operate one of the best storage sites in the south, and the vast majority of our customers co-operate with our simple rules and operational procedures - thank you - but please help us to continue to operate our flexible approach towards the problems of access & security by being vigilant, and tell us if there is an improvement that you would like to see, to make the site even better.