Keyfob Return & Deposit Refund

All customers are given a small electronic keyfob when they join us. It is uniquely coded for each customer and provides access past the relevant gate(s) within our site. Customers pay a small deposit for the keyfob which is refunded should they leave us.

If you are leaving the site please contact the office prior to the end of the period that you have paid for, either monthly, quarterly or annually, return the keyfob by that date to qualify for a keyfob deposit refund, and if applicable any part annual refund. [T's & C's apply] Please put the keyfob in the small plastic envelope supplied near the red mailbox on the Reception Office wall, and post in that box. For Covid protection reasons please do not put anything else in the envelope with the keyfob, and we will disinfect it before we re-issue it. As it is unique to your plot, we will know to whom it belongs. If it is a weekend, or out of hours with the main barrier gate shut, put it in the black mailbox outside the gate and telephone 07754 178565 to let us know - do not trust it to Royal Mail please, unless it is in a "Jiffy Bag" or similar and sent 'Signed For' to ensure delivery. Allow 7 days for Royal Mail to deliver the keyfob to us.

Supply the details for the keyfob refund : Name of the Bank account holder [NOT name of your bank] Sort Code & account number.
Please ensure that you give the correct information, especially the account name, as we do not have the resources to try to establish what it might be, and will send the refund to the account numbers listed.  Any errors in the information may result in the payment being made to an incorrect account and will be at your responsibility.   PLEASE BE CAREFUL.

Although our T's & C'c are that refunds are paid by the end of the quarter, we aim to refund as soon as we can.